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Breakfast is Served

Every morning, breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:30. To begin, you can enjoy our fresh fruit salad, homemade compote, Greek yoghurt, homemade granola, cereals and dried fruit. Alongside this, there is a selection of juices. Meanwhile, we prepare a choice from the following;

  • Traditional English breakfast
  • Yorkshire smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on lightly toasted wholemeal or white bread
  • Bacon and poached egg muffins
    with homemade chutney
  • Homemade lemon hummus served on sourdough toast, with a poached egg, sautéed mushrooms and roasted tomatoes
  • Porridge made to your liking (our guests love to top this with our wonderful homemade berry compote).

Of course, these options can be tailored to your tastes and we do change the menu seasonally as well as offering some ‘specials of the day’ depending on availability. If you let us know about any specific needs due to food allergies or diets, we are more than happy to create something that is not on the menu.

We offer an endless supply of perfectly toasted local breads, butter, jams and marmalades. You can also enjoy as much coffee and tea as you like.

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