Frequently Asked Questions

Can we arrive at a different time to the fixed check-in of 15.30 – 17.30?

Yes. We appreciate that not everybody can arrive during the allotted time so we are more than happy to try and accommodate all our guests. You can contact us on 01423 530483 to arrange this. In case of early arrivals when your room might not be ready, you can leave your car in the private car park and either come in or visit the beautiful town of Harrogate. If you are arriving very late, we have a key safe so that you can collect your key and head straight to your room.

Do you provide Gluten, vegan or dairy free options for breakfast?

Yes, we can provide gluten free, dairy free and vegan options for breakfast. All you have to do is let us know and we are more than happy to cater your breakfast to your needs. Whilst we cannot guarantee no cross contamination in our kitchen, we strive to ensure we avoid this.

Is there parking near the hotel if the private car park is full?

Yes, there is parking available on the street situated at the front and side of the hotel. We provide complimentary tickets so that the lack of space in our private car park is no deterrence or inconvenience to you.

Do you speak any other languages at the Hotel?

Yes, we can speak fluent German in addition to the fundamentals of French, Italian and Spanish. If you or somebody else needs to communicate with us in a language other than these, applications such as Google Translate usually allow us to communicate easily.

Do you sell alcohol?

No, our establishment does not currently sell alcohol. Regardless of this, we have no problem with our guests bringing a sensible amount of alcohol to the guesthouse to enjoy in the living room. We also have a guest fridge so that you can safely store any alcohol.